Kudos for Nathaniel Pratt from  Fema

Received a luxury Gourmet gift basket with a bottle of wine from FEMA and Home Advisor few days ago.This was in gratitude for helping Homeowners and Commercial entities during the inclement weather a month ago that left the state of Texas in intensive electrical and hydronic crisis.I was among 67 retired volunteers summon to help during this challenging times. Retired HVAC and Master Electrical contractors responded to 8,672 calls stateside for a week. I was directly involved in 273 cases that alleviated customers issues. Texas License and Regulations Agency issue Provincial License when you retire, meaning, you can only teach not to practically work in the industry. This was waved for four weeks. Thanks to God I was part of this endeavor. Biblical saying : your work shall follow you. My work is still following me even after retirement.

Great job Roseline Jones-Sesay.

God go bless you efforts. Kushe ya. Thank you very much for participating in. Our sister chapter (

KDU Florida) giving back to Sierra Leone event 🙏😍

God will not forget you---from KDU of Texas president December 2020---Yvonne Deen