Mrs Yvonne Deen, President of Krio Descendant Union, Message

My Fellow KDU Texans: Dallas Chapter, After serving during the interim period from 2016 to November 2018, I write to you, at an exciting and particularly pivotal time at KDU Texas:2019. As the new President, I stand very energized and encouraged to be working with you very great and dynamic people. Being the offspring of a slave descendant West Indian man, Conrad Anton, and wife Matilda Inniss, it is with little doubt that I am imbued with values such as the fear of God, the promotion of social justice and the fight for equality. I believe you share the same sentiments. I thank my parents for flowering me with patience, tenacity, and determination. So, as you are already on board with me, let us make lives better for the Krio Descendants in Sierra Leone by focusing our attention on the very critical tasks ahead. My goal is to keep everyone abreast of all the events and news happening in KDU Sierra Leone and the Global level. 

I want to encourage those who have left us to come back formally. I hope you find it in your heart to return and be part of this great organization for the greater good. Going forward, KDU Texas Dallas Chapter will build not tear down. Let us focus on looking at creative ways we can fundraise for our cause by reviewing our bylaws, policies, and procedures to strengthen those documents to bring clarity to the rules and regulations governing our organization. In so doing, we strive to avoid unnecessary disagreements. We must groom and empower the young Krio children in readiness to replace us and sustain this august body. My daily song is below: Thy way, not mine O Lord However dark it be Lead me by thine own hand Choose out the path for me Not mine, not mine the choice In things both great and small Be thou my guide and strength My wisdom and my all Amen With your creative ideas and support, we can press ahead and make a difference. We can do this through love, respect, open dialogue, and listening to one another. To that end, I implore you all to strive to encourage and help one another to be the best, even when no one is watching or listening. God will not forget you Please support this KDU Texas Dallas Chapter with an open mind. Together we can make this happen!! Yvonne Deen MPH, BSc, RRT-AE-C, NPS