On the 12th of June, 2014, the executive members of Krio Discendants Yunion (KDY) and the heads of the planning committees for the KDY Diaspora’s KDU (Krio Descendants Union) homecoming event in Freetown made a courtesy call to His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma at State House. The primary purpose of this meeting was to inform the President about the weeklong KDU homecoming from the diaspora in December 2014.

The KDY/KDU team comprised of Mr. Samuel Macaulay (1st Vice President KDY), Mrs. Josephine Buck (2nd Vice President), Ms. Waltona Cummings (General Secretary KDU-Global), Alhaji Gibril Savage (Head of Cultural Committee), Ms. D. Labor (Board member), Mrs. Yvette Lightfoot-Taylor (Marketing), Ms. Doris Weber (Publicity Secretary), Mr. Claudius Coker (Chairperson KDY Youth branch) and Dr. Francis Dove-Edwin (National Coordinator and Head of Publicity and Marketing).

At the start of the meeting, Dr Dove-Edwin, introduced all listed above to the President and presented Mr Samuel Macaulay (1st Vice President KDY), who spoke about the origin and some of the cultural values of the Krios and the intention to continue impacting Sierra Leone society as a whole.

Then, Ms. Waltona Cummings (General Secretary KDU-Global) spoke about the intentions and enthusiasm of KDU global members in the diaspora branches. She explained how the chapters where formed and the various activities they have done including cooperation with other Sierra Leone diaspora organization. She emphasised that part of their homecoming team’s contribution, will include medical experts and that these delegates will conduct a one day free medical outreach for all Sierra Leoneans as a gift to the city of Freetown.

Dr. Dove-Edwin expounded on the line items of the activities for the homecoming week. The weeklong activity will commence on December 27 and end January 2nd, 2014. It comprises of seven events which are: The meet and greet “gi body wata” with KDY night, the Thanksgiving Services, the Conference, the Cultural night, the Peninsular Tour, the Picnic and the closing dinner and dance. Subsequently, after all was said the President’s message followed.

The President his Excellency Dr Ernest Bai-Koroma spoke about the return to basics and us understanding our roots and its fundamentals. One cannot advance in any capacity without understanding the basic fundamentals. One must be proud of their ethnic culture and should not be ashamed of who they are. He mentioned that in the past people used to say that, “Krio is a lifestyle” and it is a good way of life and it must be preserved.

The Krio influence is not only in Sierra Leone but also in the sub regions, Ghana, Gambia, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. During his recent visit to Nigeria, he met the current chief justice of the country and he is a Krio.

He promised that the government of Sierra Leone will support this initiative as it works towards national development and cultural heritage and that the invitation extended to him will be honoured.

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