Patrick Jackson Message

KDU President Message

dent of this prestigious and supportive group in May 2010 when Jonathan Nicol left ocholarships to nineteen (19) secondary school students. The award ceremony was featured on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services (SLBS & SLTV)

In February we held our first fundraiser of the year a Valentine’s dance. We had lots of fun; the event was such a success and will now become an annual event.

May brought great fortune for our

I embarked on this new role as Presin a new job assignment in Sierra Leone. We the Krio Descendants Union family in Texas wish the Nicol family well, success, and the best of luck as they embark on this new venture into the motherland, Sierra Leone. .

In January, KDU - Texas sponsored s organization, KDU - Texas was the proud recipient of the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) award for Community Leadership. This is NOSLINA's highest award for positive engagement with the community in ways that benefit numerous Sierra Leoneans. This was quite an honor as it shows that the hard work, dedication and charitable contribution of the KDU membership are being noticed. The recognition is also huge as it will serve as an encouragement to all members that what we are doing is appreciated by others.

In July we played host to our beloved Pioneer and still beautiful life-long President, Mrs. Cassandra Garber. We held our first "Open Meeting" in which members, friends and supporters of KDU attended. Mrs. Garber gave an update of our combined work in Sierra Leone and urged that we reach out to other krio groups such as the Akus.

In September, we joined our sister organization Krio Descendant Association of Washington Metropolitan Area as they hosted the KDU Family Reunion Weekend celebrations. The event was another rousing success and congratulations are definitely in order.

October, we co-hosted yet another first, an Inter-faith Prayer meeting with some five other Sierra Leoneans groups. This also was a great conquest and this writer will suggest it be continued.

The York Healthcare Clinic rehabilitation project is completed. It is now being handed over to the York Community and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health. KDU - Texas was praised and much appreciation was shown. 

We look forward to your support during 2011, the year in which Sierra Leone will be celebrating fifty years of independence from Great Britain. KDU Texas is also planning for big events and we look forward to working more closely with other Sierra Leonean groups in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. We will also be collaborating with other member groups of the KDU Global Leadership as we celebrate our first combined “Family Reunion” event in Maryland on September 2nd-5th, 2011.

Patrick Jackson

President, KDU Texas