It is with the utmost pleasure to announce that the Dallas KDU President Honorable Councilman and former Deputy Mayor of Rowlett, Texas Patrick Jackson has a new appointment. He has been appointed by the Government of Sierra Leone with the approval of State Department of the United State of America as the new Honorary Consul for the State of Sierra Leone in the jurisdiction of Texas, Oklahoma and other Southern Quadrant States of America. The position was formerly held by an American who resigned to spend time on his business.

Please join me in congratulating him.

His duties will include:

1. To protect Sierra Leoneans against the abuse of law enforcement agencies.

2. To represent Sierra Leoneans in his jurisdiction 24/7.

3. To sell Sierra Leone to investors, take business from America to Sierra Leone.

4. Encourage and facilitate trade, culture and other bilateral repationship between the two countries.

These are some of the benefits. It is a non paying job but gives the legal authority to set appointments with state and federal officials in your jurisdiction, on behalf of Sierra Leone.

You travel in and out of the country without the harassing custom check.

You have the legal authority to fly the Sierral Leone flag in your compound.

Effective immediately he will be issued a diplomatic licence plate.

He now has the opportunity to mingle with state and federal officials on business and soclal.

For more information on his duties and benefits please visit this link:

Peter Alafia John, C.E.T